My Favorite Christmas Gift

Christmas shopping for others can be such a difficult and daunting task. My favorite gift to ever give or receive? A Shutterfly Photo Book

I fell in love with them when my sister first ordered hers annually to commemorate each year that passed with her husband. 

Then I fell in love with them again when she got married and we ordered a photobook to capture her day. 

And again, when my brother got married. 

Loving this idea, I got one of my best friends a photobook for her birthday my senior year. She absolutely loved it. The pages were filled with old memories and great pictures! 

Then I ordered another one when my boyfriend and I did a gift exchange over the summer since we were long-distance. He loved it too--the book had pictures of our first ever picture we took together. 

So now I want to share this gift-giving secret with you guys! 

Shutter fly  really is perfect. I use them to order prints to hang on my wall at college as well. I love the square prints because they kind of resemble Instagram and then I can color coordinate so it's basically just a wall of Instagram in real life! But my go-to present is always their photobook! 

You can find your customizable photo book HERE :)

Good luck and happy Christmas shopping! 



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