December's Rollin'

Heyyyyoooo! Today I have 4 new looks for you guys. The weather here has been so cold.... I hope it's warmer wherever you are! 

This top is from a new company called RAEXN. You can find your "On The Edge" crop tank--> here!  The leather jacket was a Christmas gift from my sister a couple years ago, but I still wear it all the time! This one's from Guess. You guys have all seen these jeans all over my instagram lately, and it's quite possibly because I'm obsessed! I found these at Forever 21. And the shoes? Can't go wrong with a classic pair of Vans...

I love this outfit (Sorry for gushing)! This hat is from Target as you all know since you've seen it before! And the sweater was a gift from my boyfriend. It's from Society Amuse, and the collared creme shirt is from Forever 21. The jeans are guessed it...American Eagle! I seriously only shop for jeans that I will wear all the time at American Eagle. They always fit perfectly and they're so comfortable! 

Back again with RAEXN! Okay so the shirt didn't really come like this. I decided to do a little bit of an alteration. I ended up cutting off the sleeves and making it a 'bro tank,' so I put a white lace bralette from Cira Boutique under the shirt. Then I made a small triangle in the neck of the shirt to kind of open it up and make it my own and help the shirt fit a little better. I also didn't have any ripped black yup! You guessed it-- I cut them myself! And you guessed it again...these are from American Eagle. Wow, you guys are good! This blazer is from Kohl's, and I absolutely LOVE the zippered detailing. And rounding this look off are my booties from Target. You all know I get all my shoes from Target :)

Rounding off this collection of new looks is LOOK No. 4. For this look, I took a plain, white, long-sleeve and put it under a black laced spaghetti strap slip. Then I layered on a wool vest from Marshalls and added a small necklace to cover up the mis-matched neckline. And these jeans were recycled from LOOK No. 2! 

I hope you all enjoyed checking out my latest styles. Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive deals and news. You can find this at the bottom of this page! 

Happy holidays! 



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