Let's Make Those New Year's Resolutions Happen

New Year, new me…right? It’s easy to set goals for the New Year, but actually keeping them is where things start to get rough. Check out these tips to help keep up with your goals until the end of next year:


Schedule it in.

Make time for your new goal. If your new goal is to hit the gym 5 times a week, take a pen and physically write it into your planner. Set an event or an alarm on your iPhone and make sure you carve out time in your busy sched to make it into the gym!




If your new goal is to eat healthier, for example, try looking up new recipes that are well-balanced and have good nutritional value. If your new goal is to drink more water and stay hydrated, look up the daily recommendation. If you want to volunteer more, look up different places you can get involved with in your community that correspond with your personal interests.


Find your support system, and let them know.

Let your support system know about your New Year’s Resolutions. In doing so, they will be able to help keep you accountable for your goals and help you keep track of your progress.


Remind yourself daily.

Put a sticky note on the fridge, write it on your hand, make a poster and hang it in your room---it doesn’t matter how you want to remind yourself, just so long as you do!



Have fun with it.

Your goals will be more attainable if you reward yourself here and there and make the experience fun! If you want to eat healthier, reward yourself with a less healthy snack or treat after 20 healthy meals. If you want to work out more, try a unique fitness class such as boxing, zumba, or aerial yoga. 


Best of luck! 



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