My Winter Go-To


Wishing you all the best this week! This look is one of my winter-go-to's. I love wearing black and white. You simply cannot go wrong. I think black looks amazing on absolutely everyone. 

I found this top at Francesca's last week and I fell in love. It's kind of hard to see the details because of how dark the outfit is, but the shirt is actually open in the front, with just a tie at the neckline to keep it together. Then I put a black cami under the shirt. 

I love how flowy the sleeves on this shirt are. Big, loose sleeves are definitely trending right now! 

These jeans are from Forever 21. They actually didn't come ripped, so I had to DIY that one a while ago. 

Then these boots are from Target, believe it or not! If you know how I shop, you know I always head to Target first for footwear. They always have a great selection at affordable prices! 

What is your winter-go-to look?

Leave a comment and let me know! 



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