Pop of Color--Winter Edition

I feel like my wardrobe mostly consists of black, grey, white, and the occasional green. I suppose I decided to go for that pop of color this time! This top is from Macy's--found it on Clearance** (Score!!). I tucked half of it in, because that's apparently what people are doing these days to trick others into thinking they're stylish... ;) 

Can't go wrong with some ripped jeans, right? These are from Forever 21, but I actually purchased them without rips. I ended up ripping them myself this summer when I realized I didn't have any ripped jeans that were black. I guess you could call me impatient. 

These killer black boots were just $30 from Target. Psst***pro tip-- shop for shoes at Target. It's my go-to! 

This cozy cardigan that I literally wear all the time is also from Target. I'm telling ya! Target's got the goods. 

How are you styling your pop of color this winter? Let me know! 

Photographer: Michaela Patrick