Spring Transition with Soft Surroundings

I hope you all had a fantastic week! Today I'm showing you guys three of my new favorite spring transitions pieces from Soft Surrounding's new arrivals! Here are some of the looks that I put together today:

This is the Sonnet Crop Top.  It comes in grey and black! I love how flowy this shirt is, which makes it perfect for transitioning to spring! 

I ended up pairing the Sonnet Crop Top with this Autumn Floral Topper.  It's loose, and breezy which adds great movement to the outfit. I've owned a number of kimono cardigans, and this one is my new favorite! The rayon material is super soft and I love it! It also comes in dark blue.

And finally, we have this Relaxed Elegance Tunic.  This one also comes in grey! Inside is a built-in slip made of viscose and spandex, and the outside layer is chiffon/polyester. This piece really sways when you walk, and I absolutely love how long it is! I'm so excited to wear this piece to class this semester! 

If you love these pieces like I do, check out Soft Surroundings.

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What are you guys wearing this week? 



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