Score My Favorite Palette and Eyebrow Gel

This is the rose palette that I am IN ACTUAL LOVE with. It's an awesome blend of plain, neutral colors, and some of the same shades but with added sparkles. The palette blends beautifully and I'm obsessed. 

I've been using this palette on a daily basis for the past couple weeks and I can't get enough! You can find that palette: here.

Another product from Art Deco that I've been raving about is their eyebrow gel. I love the applicator. I've actually been looking for a decent eyebrow gel from some time now and I'm happy to say that I've found my favorite one that I've ever tried so far! 

They actually give you a decent amount of gel too! Usually when I purchase eyebrow gel, it's like a third of the amount Art Deco gave me, which was awesome! (.33 oz.) 

And the best part?? You guys all get $5 off an order of $99 or less and $10 off your order more than $99, just by reading this :)

To claim this offer, you can use my code: PLTZXUDN at

I will say this: They did also give me a mascara to try out as well as an eyeliner. The eyeliner wasn't my favorite just because it smudged (this might be due to my monolids, or it could be due to just a not-so-great eyeliner). And the mascara was fine. It was wetter than I was used to and it took a while to dry (which I did not have the patience for). Other than that, the mascara was okay. 

I just wanted to let you guys know about this so that you're getting my honest feedback on multiple products! 

I cannot rave enough about the palette and the brow gel though....definitely the best I've tried! 



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