Colorado Recap - Hiking, Shooting and Whatnot...

Hi there! I know it's been a little bit since I got back from Colorado, but I wanted to take a hot second to share with you all what Kenji and I were up to! So much to let's kick things off with the outfits I wore:


All of these images were shot by my girl, Jackie Nunnally.  She's so talented, right?

We shot these looks at Devil's Backbone--highly recommend if you've never been.  Although I will say: look out for rattlesnakes...and beware of cacti (I stepped on them multiple times).

Then the next day, Kenji and I shot my friend, Michaela at the same place during sun down. 

The following day we shot with a friend from my childhood - Kara:

And last but not least, I got to finally shoot my promo shoot with my senior rep team in collaboration with Vintage Willows who helped provide wardrobe! Meet my reps: 

I am so so excited to work with these girls again this summer to take their final senior photos! 

Anddddd so yes, that was my creative trip to Colorado. I was actually there for a wedding shower for a close family friend. I will be one of her lucky bridesmaids this summer and I am SO pumped to show you guys pics from her wedding! I'm so in love with my bridesmaids dress :) 

Have a great rest of your week friends! 


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