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Hello to all of Mattea’s readers!!


My name is Mikayla Masanetz. I am a lifestyle blogger. I also do photography in my spare time, just like Mattea. Some things I like are cats, sleeping, beauty, rain, and space. I am currently a college student at Colorado State University, so I understand all the struggles. I am from Loveland, Colorado. That is how I met Mattea. We met back in middle school, so I’ve known her for a while. We were never super close but we definitely knew each other. She is such a cool and sweet lady. Don’t you guys agree?


I will link all my socials and my blog at the end.


If you have time, please check out my stuff, I’d love to meet all of you guys!

Now let’s get to this post!

When Mattea said she was accepting guest posts, I jumped on that. I just started blogging about a month ago. I know Mattea’s blog is all about fashion so I thought I would write a fashion post to get her readers’ attention. I’m not too much of a fashion person, but I can be when I need to be. I love neutral colors; so most of my fashion blogs aren’t too colorful. So if you like that, check me out!



This post is all about how you can make an outfit go from day to night. So let’s jump in!


Let’s start off with the day outfit.


The shirt is super flowy, which makes it fun. The back of this shirt is so beautiful!! The lace up back is perfect to pair with your favorite bralette. The jeans are basic black jeans. I decided to pair these with my favorite sneakers. Since I love cats, you better guess I own cat shoes! I think they make this outfit super fun. The necklace brings the outfit together. I love the length of this necklace.



Now time for the night outfit.


So everything is pretty much the same, besides the shoes. I added a leather jacket to the outfit for night time. During the night it gets colder so having a jacket will be perfect. You can’t go wrong with a stunning leather jacket. I swapped out the cat shoes with some cute block heel booties. I fell in love with these shoes the minute I saw them. I’m not too big into heels because I can barely walk in them, so having the block heel is absolutely perfect for me. I also added one more necklace. My best friend’s mom made this necklace and it is so beautiful. I thought it looked perfect with this outfit.

Well guys that’s pretty much it. I think it’s super easy to take your outfit from day to night. I whipped up this outfit in minutes. I will link below where I got these pieces of clothing.

Outfit details


Shirt: Sadly this shirt is no longer available, but I bought it from a local shop in Loveland. If you guys live in Loveland or nearby you should go check them out! They have gorgeous clothes. All the workers are so sweet. Here is there website:


Bralette: They don’t have this exact bralette still, but they have tons and tons of cute options. I always buy my bralettes at Aerie and I have never regretted it. Shop Bralettes here.


Pants: American Eagle Black x4 High Rise Jeggings


Necklaces: The night necklace you can’t buy, because my friend’s mom made it. I don’t exactly remember where I bought the day necklace, but any long necklaces will do!


Leather jacket: I got my leather jacket at Forever 21 a while ago, so they no longer have it but here is a link to the leather jackets they do have: Shop Leather Jackets here.  But again, any black leather jacket will do.


Cat Vans


It was super fun to make this post. I hope to talk to you guys soon. Please go check out my stuff so we can keep in touch.



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