Eyelash Extensions - Here's What You Need To Know

Happy Valentine's Day! Today I hope you're treating yourself to something amazing! This week I went ahead and treated myself to some new eyelash extensions, and I am LOVING them! 

I think there's a big misconception about eyelash extensions. People kind of assume that there is a lot of maintenance involved when you get them. Truth be told, there isn't. They're so incredibly low maintenance, and since they're meant to replace your mascara, it makes things so much easier and quicker when getting ready in the mornings. 

The process:

First, you need to research your local aestheticians. I chose to go with Glow Studio STL. Trang has a really strong reputation within our Saint Louis community and she constantly posts her work on her Instagram. I've been blown away time and time again by her work. And I was already following her for a couple months before I decided to go ahead and book with her. 

The appointment:

The appointment is a little longer than I had anticipated. I highly recommend using the restroom before you start. I made that mistake, and had to force myself to sleep so that I would be distracted from needing to go (haha, whoops!). You basically just lay in a comfy bed for a couple hours with your eyes shut while your aesthetician works. 

Your natural lashes get cleaned, and then the extensions are added. What they do is take your real lash, and glue a thread of 3 plastic lashes to your natural one. This process lifts your eyelashes and can make your eyes appear more open. 

What I really appreciated about Trang, was that she took my eyeshape and eyelash growth patterns into consideration when deciding which extensions to use. 

What happens next?

You have to avoid using oil-based products near your eyelashes as this will move the shedding process faster. A lot of people think that you have to remove the extensions. They actually just fall off after a few weeks with your natural lash cycle! 

When you exercise, make sure you dab away your sweat and wash your lashes after exercising. This is because your sweat also has an oily composition. 

Your aesthetician should provide you with a foamy lash cleanser that you can use. 

Sleep on your back, and avoid sleeping on your stomach. Pillow friction will also speed up the shedding process.

Other than that, just make sure you comb your lashes into place with a spool and that's it! 


I never thought I would be one to use lash extensions, but after having them, I don't want to go without them! Each time you go back a refill your eyelashes, it should be cheaper than the full set.  I think I will keep mine up for a while. I just love how easy it is to get ready for the day, and especially for photoshoots. On a daily basis, I just apply foundation, powder, and fill in my eyebrows because my lashes are taken care of. And if I cry? No mess, no problem :) 

If you're in the Saint Louis area and you're interested in trying out Glow Studio STL, you can book with Trang and let her know I sent you her way. Get a full set for just $125 that will last 3-4 weeks depending on how well you take care of them by using my name "Mattea LinAe" as a referral! 



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