Pre-Spring Blush Layers

I can't believe it's been warm enough to finally wear shorts again! It's warm here in Saint Louis! What's the weather like where you are? 

I am so pumped for spring. I feel like this year is going to be one of the most content rich and collaborative years for me so far. So yesterday, Kenji (my boyfriend and photog) got to shoot in The Grove.

Here's what I'm layering for pre-spring:

These heels I just got from Wet Seal. To be honest, the zipper sucks. But because the shoe has an opening in the front for the laces, I'm able to get my foot in and out that way. Other than that, the shoes are okay.

These denim shorts are from American Eagle (as per usual). And both layered tops are from Wet Seal. I loosely tucked the shirts in the front just because I usually like to partly tuck in my shirts to 'trick' people into thinking I'm stylish. And in my opinion, it's just more flattering depending on the outfit. 

Wet Seal is apparently going out of biz...?! So I went on their site a couple of weeks ago, figuring they would have some killer deals. And boy, was I right! 

Just so you know, when I ordered these pieces, they seemed to run small. I ordered the shoes half a size bigger than usual. If I were to reorder, I would definitely size up on my shirts. So definitely keep that in mind :)


Have a great week!



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