Gratitude: Seasons

Seasons are magnificent. They truly are. How incredible is it to witness leaves change color  and become more beautiful upon their death?

People from tropical locations live under the palm trees and don’t get to experience a full fall transformation.

How can we take something as simple as seasons changing for granted? Growing up, I loved getting to explore Estes Park in the summer when it was 80 degrees. And then jumping into piles of leaves in the fall when the trees turned into vibrant reds, yellows and oranges. Winter blizzards and snow days were the highlights of my winters growing up. I loved it when school canceled and everyone went sledding or stayed in and sipped hot cocoa by the fireplace. And the spring? Perfect weather–the right amount of sunshine and the feeling that just about everything was coming back to life and new beginnings were among us.

My mother always planted tulips. And she planted them before things frosted– seasons in advance. That way, come spring, they would be alive and well.

Not everyone gets to experience these simple pleasures we take for granted. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with season changes, take in the beauty because not everyone will understand what you’re talking about.