Gratitude: Uncontainable Laughter


How great does it feel to laugh? I mean really laugh….

My fondest memories of middle and high school come from sharing deep belly laughs with my best friends. Sometimes we would laugh over clever jokes. Some weren’t so clever, but the delivery was priceless. And other times we ended up just laughing because we thought our laughs sounded ridiculous.

They’re really not kidding when they say laughter is the best medicine. You know those days when nothing goes your way, and you’re just in a terrible mood and want nothing more than for the day to be over? But then someone surprises you and makes you smile. And that smile suddenly transforms into a laugh. And then the laugh eventually continues until it doesn’t stop and you finally start feeling better and you can’t remember wanting the day to end…

Those are our best moments. Making someone laugh is a gift. It’s something we all need and our hearts simply yearn for.