Gratitude: Alone Time

I cherish alone time so much. My parents might think a little too much sometimes (; But I personally believe alone time is necessary. It’s needed to collect our thoughts, and readjust our sights.

What do you want?

Like, what do you really…really want?!

Alone time is the time to figure it out. Have no idea? Lie alone and think about it. Let your thoughts engulf you and take you over. Resonate in the idea that quite literally anything is possible. Be alone and be unswayed by your peers and your mentors just for a second.

Then bring it back. Have a conversation with someone you trust and let them in. Tell them your ideas and they’ll help you figure out the logistics. But the dreaming part? That’s up to you. Nobody else can realize them for you.

In order to do so? Just be still.

Because the few quiet hours we are gifted with each day are our chance to make good things great.