You're an Influencer.


The influencing craze is among us. We see people on Instagram landing sponsorships and getting paid to 'influence' their followers into supporting companies and brands we don't currently follow.  So, what makes an influencer? 

To be honest, it's all of us. 

Have you ever had a peer compliment a pair of shoes you own, and then go buy the same pair? Ever had a coworker love your purse, and then check out the company you got yours from...only to find that they bought a similar bag from the same company? 

Have you ever gone to a restaurant that someone recommended to you? Have you ever been thanked for a recommendation? 

All of these are examples of influencing--and it happens on a daily basis. 

So yes, you are an influencer. I am an influencer. And your friends and family are all influencers. The only difference is that some get paid to influence, and some don't. 

It's kind of crazy to think that we're all influencers...right? Each one of us knows of at least one tip, product, store, or restaurant that someone else in our social circle doesn't. An influencer's job--your job--is to share that knowledge with others so that we may all enjoy these experiences together. 

So, dearest influencer....What's going to be your next move?

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