Getting Back In Shape...It's About Time

Hi, everyone! Welcome back if you're a regular reader, and welcome if you're new! 

As some of you already know, I've been having a hard time with getting back into the swing of a regular workout routine after I stopped competitively swimming. This week, that's changing. 

I am so happy to be starting a new diet that is mostly based off of produce.... fruits, veggies, etc. I went vegan for a few months last year and I loved it, but I found that was incredibly difficult for me. Since then, I still don't eat as much meat, but I do have some fish and chicken here and there.

I've also made it a goal to really focus on my hydration. My skin has been doing so much better lately and I've overall just felt pretty great! 

 I honestly haven't really worked out at all since August/September (I know...super crazy and unhealthy). I'm probably going to start off by running at least a mile a day in addition to ab circuits and some yoga. I'll definitely keep you guys updated on that one! 

Yesterday, Kenji and I were able to head to Forest Park and take some shots of my new apparel from Mad Style.  I got these workout leggings from them and they're actually pretty comfortable! I love how thick they are, so that when the sun catches them you can't see through them. This pair in particular also has a really thick waist band which is awesome because it helps keep the leggings up a bit more. 

I got this pair of Mad Motion Pants in a size small. I think if I were to reorder I would go with a medium. Other than that, I love them! And they also come in a pretty blue and melon pair:  

If you guys are interested in scoring these leggings and other styles from Mad Style, you can score 20% off your order by using my promo code: "mattealinae" at checkout! 

Have a great weekend! :)



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