The Problem With Education

I love to learn. Don't let the title of this piece get me wrong. At this point, I just feel like some classes need to be updated and I'm not getting everything out of class that I could potentially be. 

I remain confident that school is the best option for me at this point in my life, however, there are a few things that I would like to see happen ideally. I know that these things may not ever be implemented, but hey--these are just my opinions...

First, our curriculum should be updated. Some of what I'm learning in class is outdated and not really relevant anymore. In my marketing class, I'm not learning about the power of digital influencing or how to work Facebook ads. Instead, I'm memorizing vocabulary that I'll most likely forget over the summer so that I can pass the class and get my degree. 

We should get credit where credit is due. I've had a lot of internships. Do I get school credit for any of them? No. Why? Because I'm not old enough. One of the requirements to get college credit for an internship at my school is to be a junior. I'm a sophomore. So the marketing internship at the wedding event planning company that has been published in Vogue and Martha Stewart doesn't count. The work that I do for a Korean sock company doesn't count. I manage its influencers and curate its blog and social media content. I can't get any school credit for it, merely because I'm not a grade older. If you're old enough and putting in the work, then why can't you get the credit that is due?

Don't get me wrong. College is an amazing time. I feel so fortunate to even be able to attend school. I know that school is a privilege. 

I love getting to meet new friends, and getting to learn new things. But sometimes I feel as though school just might not be as effective as it could be. It's frustrating when you aren't learning something that changes with the times and i's frustrating when you aren't getting credit for work in the real world, when college is supposed to prepare you for just that. 

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