5 Flattering Poses For Pictures

Hello, hello! Today I thought I would share some of my go-to poses with you guys. These poses can definitely be used for a variety of reasons, whether you're blogging, taking cute instagram pics, or just want to have fun! 

Pose 1:

This pose is definitely a go-to for me! I almost always cross one leg behind the other (sometimes in front) and tap my toes on the ground for a more polished yet casual look. Then in this case, I looped my thumb through a belt loop, making sure to tuck my elbows in, so that I give off a more flattering position. Sometimes when you stick your elbows out, it can give an illusion that you're wider than you actually are. 



Pose 2:

I. Love. This. Pose. It gives you a little booty pop (if unlike me, you actually have one). And it's a more captivating pose as opposed to the typical 'let me just stand here and you can take my picture head on' pose. You can alter this pose and make adjustments as you see fit. You can shrug your shoulder up to the bottom of your chin, you can open up your shoulders--or close them up, you can adjust your hands, etc. 



Pose 3:

This one works really well if you have somewhere to sit, obviously. Cross your legs above the knee and relax your feet. This one is pretty flattering on the ankles! I like to lean forward on the top knee and rest my elbow on the thigh (toward the knee) and bring that hand up to play with my chin, or my cheek, etc. It creates a fun and relaxed vibe. 




Pose 4:

This is a more power-oriented pose. I usually put the weight of my body primarily on one leg and stick out the other a little bit to give a relaxed, yet confident feel. Then I tuck my fingertips into my front pocket on the side that I place most of my weight. I make sure to keep my thumb left out of my pocket and keep my elbow tucked in since it looks better, and well... LADY POCKETS ARE SMALL! 

Then I'll grab the lapel of my jacket, or necklace, if I'm not wearing a jacket. If I don't have front pockets, I'll either tuck my hand into my back pocket, or grab my jacket lapels with both hands. 




Pose 5:

Hand movement can make or break a picture. I like to play around with my hand position to give off different vibes. This pose is very loose and comfortable, but I'm smiling to add a little playfulness. Simply lifting your hand can make your wrists look thinner and more flattering. Don't forget to tuck your elbows in! And instead of just standing straight, I chose to shift my weight slightly to look just a little more comfortable as opposed to being stiff and straight. 

Pro tip: (I'm not in this picture but I do a lot in other pictures) Lightly point your index finger. It makes you look more 'elegant' if you will. It's a small adjustment, but it can work wonders and make you appear more comfortable because I know the struggle of taking well-posed pictures just like the rest of the Instagram fam! 

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