How To: Trick People Into Thinking You're Stylish...

There's no secret that picking out an outfit to be proud of can prove to be quite the challenge sometimes. Here are my daily methods that I use to trick people into thinking I'm stylish... :)

Don't be afraid to mix brown and black. 


People still have kind of a hard time with this one. I don't think a lot of people started mixing brown and black articles of clothing until kind of recently, so there was a hesitation on everyone's part to mix the two and get used to it. Don't hesitate! The two colors complement each other and look great together depending on how you style them. 


Tuck it in!


This one is my favorite and I use it almost every day. I love to wear baggier, looser shirts just because I think they're super comfy and practical. But they definitely can make me lose a lot of shape. A simple way of fixing this is by tucking in my shirt. If it's a skirt, I'll typically tuck the whole shirt in--front and back--depending on the shirt and skirt. If I'm wearing jeans, I'll just tuck in the front half, or in the case above, just a quarter of the shirt to add some definition and style. 



Roll your jeans.

Every time I wear jeans, I roll the ends for a more polished and finished look. This especially applies if you're wearing booties. By rolling your jeans at the ankles twice, it can leave a sort of slimming-effect on your ankles. This will allow your pants to end neatly and keep your entire look appearing very professional. A simple adjustment--but it works like magic. 


Accessorize properly.

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Here are some general rules I follow: 

  • If your top is busy, don't bother with a necklace, or at least pick a very delicate one. The white top and sparkly-collared shirt above are both examples of busy tops. I don't typically accessorize those looks, because they're already pretty busy. 
  • If it's a plain look, feel free to wear some bold jewelry. Statement pieces are called 'statements' for a reason. You want to pull focus to them by centering your outfit around them. Make the rest of your outfit as simple and minimalistic as you can to draw attention to your statement pieces (the black top above).
  • Feel free to layer! This doesn't always mean just layering necklaces. Sometimes I like to layer my necklaces with a bandana or some other sort of unique combo. 
  • Don't be afraid of hats. I was terrified of hats growing up. I only started accumulating them last year and regularly wearing them this year. But now all of my favorite outfits are the ones with me wearing hats! I just never really thought I looked good in them because my ears have a tendency to stick out farther than usual, but hey it's whatever and I'm over that insecurity and I've grown to love hats! :)
  • Keep your metals consistent. This one is personal preference--I know some people don't mind mixing metals on jewelry, but I just have this thing about keeping gold pieces with gold, and silver with silver. Again--just personal preference! If you decide to mix, you can use this image down below as reference. I picked out this silver ring, because it has a marbly stone that coordinated with the other rings I selected. 





Layer up!

Layers can totally create the illusion that you're incredibly stylish. It will leave people thinking that your outfit was very thought-out and they will give more power to you for having a great eye for layering and figuring out which pieces go well together. 



Coordinate...don't match.

The colors in your outfit don't have to match as long as they coordinate. I think that's what gets most people. We're under this assumption that our outfits won't look as good if we don't match our shoes to our shirt, etc. This is not true! In all of the above examples, I'm pretty much wearing all different colors, but the outfits work because they coordinate. 


I hope these tips helped you guys out! I use all of these tips on a daily basis when deciding what to wear, so I thought it would be useful to anyone else who struggles picking out an outfit on the daily like me :) 

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email!