Cross-dressing...What is it and Why Does it Matter?

When I started my blog, I never would have thought that I would be sitting her today writing a post about cross dressing. I never even knew it would be a thing. 

I think that today's society has broken so many boundaries and so many things are possible, that at this point in time...we can't even rule out the proven impossible. Why? Because what if one day--someone proves it to actually be possible?

And that leaves me inspired. The mere thought of the world evolving with time is so incredibly inspiring and I feel so fortunate to be sitting here and discussing a topic such as this with you all. 

There is no doubt in my 20 year old mind that I have a deep passion for creation. I want to be able to create in my lifetime--whether it be poems, writings, paintings, or pictures. I just want to create. 

And even if you don't consider yourself the 'creative type,' there is still a part of you that creates. It could be in biomedical engineering, or just engineering for that matter. It could be developing a way to win a case if you're an attorney. It could be formulating a more efficient way to check out the groceries at your local grocery store. Anything and everything, is formed on the basis of creation and inspiration. 

For fashionistas/os, creation is most commonly in the form of putting outfits together. And yes, as a blogger I do get a lot of questions when it comes to style advice (BTW always feel free to slide into my DMs on insta for some fashion advice). And yeah--some of those questions come from girls. And yeah--some of those questions come from guys. And yeah--some of those questions come from guys who cross dress.

At first, it left me a little taken aback if I'm going to be completely honest. But then I came upon the realization that I'm proud of my new friends--for choosing to dress as the person they want to be for the day, for expressing themselves how they want, and for breaking social binds. 

And why do I care? Because I want to help provide an environment where cross dressers can feel free and safe to express themselves as they choose and want.

People are people and they should be able to dress how they want. I'm a firm believer that this industry is not built to be exclusionary, but instead to be collaborative and a place where creators and innovators (that's all 7 billion of us!) can create and express themselves as they darn well please. 

If you didn't know what cross dressing was, then I hope this kind of helped define it for you. It's 2017 people. Expression is expression regardless of gender or sexual orientation and it matters. :)