Cozy Layers For Casual Days


I can't believe January is almost over! And I can't believe that tomorrow I turn 20... My life is already 1/8th over! ;) (Someday, somebody will live to be that old...)

Today's look is inspired by Old Navy. I went there to get some business clothes a couple of months ago, but I hadn't found the perfect time to wear this comfy jacket until today! (I also have it in tan). 

I love this jacket! It's so comfortable and I wear the tan one all the time. Under it, I took an American Eagle sweater that I got last winter to add some extra warmth. Also from American Eagle? These ripped jeans. 

As you guys know, I can't stand missing a bargain find! I found these nude heels at Marshalls on clearance for under $10! Can you believe it? Probably one of the best finds I've ever had....



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