Gratitude: Those Who Inspire Us

Here’s to those who inspire us and don’t even know it. Inspiration can strike us quite literally anywhere. It could be in a coffee shop, out in a forest, in a dream, or on one of our darkest days. It can draw from our favorite blogger, photographer, our parents or siblings, our mentors, or even a child. Inspiration is inspiration. It doesn’t matter where or who it comes from.

This goes out to everyone who has ever inspired me–whether you know it or not. inspired me to start my blog.

My siblings inspired me to competitively swim.

Kelly Hatanaka inspired me to have a better outlook on life…a little more positive, if you will.

Mrs. Krejci, my 4th grade teacher, inspired me to learn. Keep learning, because life keeps teaching.

Jackie Nunnally taught me a lot about knowing your worth and respecting yourself. She’s also inspired me artistically.

Sarah Dessen inspired me as a middle-schooler to write, as I indulged in her work continuously.

If you are reading this (first of all…congratulations on your part for making it this far) I can assure you that you have in some way inspired me. I’ve looked at your Instagram feed and loved your pictures, I’ve read your words, I’ve heard about you or something incredible you’ve done, I’ve remembered a sparked conversation we’ve shared, or I have yet to know you–but I know that when I do I will be inspired.

Here’s to you.