Gratitude: Heartbreak

Heartbreak is never easy. It stretches us beyond our boundaries and leaves us in indescribable pain. It forces us to let go, even when we are far away from being ready. It makes us cringe and lie for hours wondering what could possibly be wrong with us. What did we do wrong? How could we have prevented the outcome?


Heartbreak is inevitable. It comes whether you invite it in or shove it aside. It tears you apart when you try your hardest to keep it together. And it bugs you until you give in…

…if you let it.

Heartbreak has so much to teach us. It shows us our capabilities. It proves that we are more than meets the eye. And it leaves us a little stronger and a little wiser each time.

I think we’ve come to think as a society that showing emotion is a form of weakness. It is not. It’s a strength. Being able to admit when you’re down, something’s not going right, or life just isn’t what you want at the moment is totally A-Okay.

Learn from broken hearts. Let them teach you what you’ve been missing.