Gratitude: Rest

Boy oh boy…am I grateful for the ability to rest! I love getting to sit down and take a breather now and again as I’m sure all of you are as well. Life just moves on and on at its fast pace and sometimes we just can’t keep up.

How amazing does it feel to just stop and unwind? I sometimes forget to take care of myself. Stress goes through the roof and I just keep spinning until I run out of energy and break down. That’s not healthy by any means. This year I need to work on taking care of myself. Mind. Body. Spirit.

Give yourself permission to rest. You can’t fix everything that is broken in this world no matter how badly you might want to. You by no means are under any obligation to make everyone happy. You are in charge of replenishing yourself so that you can live up to your own standards and live your life how you please.

So sip some tea, go for a walk, and surround yourself with a good book. You deserve it.