Gratitude: Mountains

This one hits close to home–quite literally if you know what I mean! I love the mountains and I definitely miss them when I’m gone away at school. I keep up with a lot of you guys from back home and all of your scenic pictures make me really homesick.

There is truly no feeling like sitting on top of a mountain and just listening and watching. Watching the world stand still at your very fingertips. Watching the clouds move slowly as time passes on even though it feels like you’re stuck in a moment. My favorite view? When clouds cast shadows over the mountain sides and I’m reminded again of just how vast this world is. It takes my breath away and leaves me in utter shock at just how insignificant I am in this very moment, but how significant the creation in this world is.

Then there’s listening. Listening to the quiet hum of the world as it spins. Listening to your heartbeat as it goes into overdrive–taking in the scene and the elevation. Listening to your thoughts as they suddenly begin to pile up and you’re overwhelmed with a newfound perspective on life itself. And listening to the world as it stops for a moment to talk you–really talk to you.

The mountains have a way with the world. We’re just lucky we get to have a way with them too.