Gratitude: Love


Personally, I don’t believe in a true definition of love. I think that every soul yearns for something a little different. It’s up to us to figure out over the course of time what we want. Each person you meet will show you something new that you’ve never even considered. And you just might end up loving it.

I think that love is ever-changing and ever-present. You fall in love everyday…with the books you read, the words you write, the conversations you have and the connections you build. It changes every time your mind expands through a learning experience. A new perspective to fall in love with each day. A new concept to grab your attention and undivided presence. A new thought to resonate with you for a lifetime. It’s all changing constantly.

There are some types of love that have been built over time, and continue to flourish as time goes on. A prime example of this is my parents. I admire their love and dedication to one another. They treat each other as their own personal treasure. They sacrifice. And they continue to honor the vows they made some 41 years ago.

I hope you find your definition of love. Chances are it’ll change every day.