Gratitude: Education

Education allows us to do what we do best. It allows us to find our interests and our inner desires. It teaches us our strengths, weaknesses, and passions.


Growing up, I’d like to think that I enjoyed my experiences in school. But I know that there were definitely times when I absolutely dreaded it. I wish I had known back then that it was a huge privilege to go to school–not a right by any means.

Now in college, I still dread going to class on occasion. I still don’t like homework assignments when I could be out hanging with friends or watching Netflix. I don’t like studying for tests–cramming multiple months’ worth of information into my brain just for a grade that some day may or may not matter.

I know that I am incredibly fortunate to be attending school, especially given the caliber of my school’s academia.

How lucky are we all who have attended even just the tiniest bit of class in our lives? We’ve left that class with our minds slightly more expanded and our perspectives altered even if it was just ever so slightly. All of those tiny perspectives somehow add up over time and we become educated individuals with open eyes and open minds. And this world needs a little more of that.