"There have been a few events in my life that left a big impact on me, but the one that has affected and changed my journey and personal development the most is meeting my husband, Tino.

I was born and raised in Germany and came to Colorado for the first time on a trip in 2013 after I graduated. I never would have anticipated how different my life would be after that trip! 

Tino and I met while we were helping a mutual friend move and started going out a few weeks after that. 

Fast-forward to almost 4 years later, we're happily married and living in our first place together in Colorado! 

Currently, I am still in the middle of becoming a permanent resident, which means that I am not allowed to work or drive here yet and that leaves Tino as the sole earner. 

Our current situation is far from "normal" and not very ideal at times, but it is bringing us closer together every day.

It has been a very bumpy ride to get to where we are now and we are still not close to the end of this chapter in our lives, but I couldn't be more grateful for it all.

When it comes to my personal development, meeting my husband, moving to the States and having a large amount of free time due to my Green Card application process has led me to do a lot of self-reflecting. Since I have all this time to pass by myself, I almost have no other choice but also work on myself and become even more (personally) independent.

To sum it up, meeting Tino and making the big move to the United States has been shaping me into a stronger person, helping me realize who I really am and taught me so much about myself and the value of family and true friends supporting you throughout it all."


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