"Moving to college. 

I know this is what everyone says, but it truly changed my life and continues to do so. Being a young adult is so amazing - experiencing freedom while still being protected by your parents healthcare/cellphone bill/ unconditional support, etc. (I understand I am extremely lucky to have such selfless, hardworking, loving parents). I remember the first time wanting to book a flight across the country to see a friend in California, and realizing I didn't need to ask anyone's permission. I could do whatever I wanted.

After I realized that, the floodgates really opened. I traveled back and forth and up and down for a few months and loved every second of it. I'm much more open to life experiences now, I used to be scared, but not anymore. I run towards them and thrust myself into them, unapologetically and open to anything(and admitfully a little ignorantly sometimes, ask me about the time I got stranded in paris alone at 2am on my birthday & then locked out of my hotel.... lol).

But nonetheless the process of understanding I am my own person in my own world and shaping it around me accordingly and it shaping me is amazing. I've learned a lot in the past year about myself, some good, some bad, and am working towards being the best version of myself I can possibly be. Be that as a student, as a employee, as a friend or as a croissant enthusiast (I'd vote for a croissant to be the president). I'm really happy about where I am in life & I'm excited for my future, near and far."


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