Gratitude: Passion


Passion drives me wild. It really does…as it should! Life should be about living for the things that make you go nuts and want to go out and do something.

The things you choose to do should leave you wanting more. And after that? MORE.

To me, a life without passion is a life yet to be discovered.

I think everyone has their passions, whether they recognize it or not. It could be something as big as loving their career, or something as small as loving their Starbucks order. Just as long as there’s something

Where do my passions lie?

Right now they’re all over the place–as they should be. With things constantly changing, I would expect the things I deeply care about to slightly alter with it. It’s really neat finding new things you’re passionate about.

Passion makes the world go ’round. What kind of world would we live in if nobody cared?

And that’s why I’m grateful for passion. It leaves me wanting more.