Gratitude: Nature

Sometimes when you’re in nature, you lose your mind and find your soul.

One of the most pleasurable feelings in this world is sitting in nature’s company alone. Nature can heal what others cannot. It can bring you a perspective that you had never considered. And it can leave you soothed, all senses back in order.

I’m grateful I got to grow up in Colorado. I treasured sitting underneath the trees, and waking up to the chirps of birds. Watching the leaves change into vibrant golds and red hues left me awestruck every fall. Weaving the mountains and sitting on top of a 14er can quite honestly leave you speechless. For that one second in time, it’s just you and the mountain.

By far my favorite memories come from sunrise hikes with close friends. We’d hike up smaller mountains during the summer before the sun came up, which meant starting at 3am. After making it to the top, we’d sit and watch the sun peak out from the edge of the world–telling our town “Good Morning!”

What a sight. What a feeling.

Often times, we wouldn’t say much. Just kind of smiled and enjoyed each others’ company. What else could you possibly need?

Nothing can really describe the way back down the mountain unless you experience it for yourself. My favorite part about sunrise hikes is having no clue where you are on the way up. It’s pitch black, so it’s just you, a couple of friends and an iPhone flashlight up the mountain. On the way back down, the sun is finally coming out, so you can see what you missed on the way up. That early in the morning, it’s still kind of foggy so it appears as if you’re in a  cloud somewhere far off. But that’s the place I get to call home.