Gratitude: Mind

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

They’re really not kidding when they say Mind Over Matter. Your mind is so powerful even though it may seem small.

No one else is you–and that is your power in this world. I hope that someday you have the power to influence someone else, whether it is a younger sibling, a friend, a son or daughter, or a stranger. Your thought processes matter. The way you perceive things matters. Your mind matters.

Nothing new would ever be innovated if we all thought alike. That’s the beauty of creation. I truly appreciate children. Their minds are pure and aren’t clouded by societal norms yet. They don’t know what is and isn’t logically possible yet–the world is full of endless possibilities to them. To see creativity and imagination in it’s purest form is a gift.

We all have that thread of imagination in us leftover from childhood. Sometimes it feels like mine is slipping away as I approach adulthood and begin taking on more personal responsibility as I’m sure all of you are as well. It’s kind of a scary feeling. And so today I’m trying to find it back and hold onto it.

I hope you find yours too. Even if you don’t, know this:

You are priceless. I hope you all understand your worth in this world. Know your worth even if others don’t. And know that you and your beautiful mind matter to me.