Gratitude: Holidays


Holidays are my favorite days. They are (for the most part) stress-free. They bring families together who are typically torn apart by distance as they grow older and accept jobs in far off cities.

They’re full of tradition. I think I will always go bowling with my family on Thanksgiving until I’m too old to throw a bowling ball–then I’ll end up using one of those ramps and push my ball down the alley. It’s tradition. Can’t mess with tradition! That’s one of my favorite memories from Thanksgiving. We do it every year and it’s something fun to look forward to. And that’s what holidays are to me. They’re a chance to create memories, celebrate with loved ones, and remember the meaning behind each unique holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m truly wishing you all the best today. I’m personally grateful for each one of you reading this! You are a living, breathing, purposeful soul on this Earth bound to do great things.