Gratitude: Family

Family is important. You all know that.

Family is not bound by last names or blood–it’s bound by commitment and love. It means showing up when others won’t and being there when you’re at your worst and celebrating with you at your best.

Every family is unique and it’s always certainly exciting to see how each one operates differently. I’m grateful for the exciting family that I was gifted with.

My parents have sacrificed a lot as I’m sure all of yours have. Or…if you’re a parent yourself, I’m sure you have as well. It takes a lot of time, energy and money to raise a family, so props to parents–mine especially (they’ve had to put up with a lot of sass over the years)!

My sisters have inspired me. With one in her residency and working hard in San Fransisco, and the other a new mother and tutoring students, both have proven to be very intelligent and driven. They inspire me to shoot higher. Something can always be done better.

My brothers have mentored me. One has a lot of knowledge about my interested career path, and the other knows pretty much everything about anything. They have both given me priceless advice over the years and I love hearing their opinions.

Obviously this is just my primary family. My extended family is beyond incredible and I love getting to visit them since the majority of them live in Michigan. When I was younger, I looked forward to every summer because that meant playing with my cousins. I’m 19, and I still look forward to hanging out with my cousins and playing beach volleyball and going to the Beechwood Inn in Holland with them.

Every family member holds something that I’m particularly grateful for. Family means a love thicker than blood.