Stay Weird

         Confidence is something I am extremely passionate about. I believe that there is nothing that makes someone more attractive than seeing them comfortable in their own skin. In fact, the best compliment that I have ever gotten was from a friend at school who said, “You’re so comfortable in your skin and it’s awesome.” A simple phrase, but the meaning behind it was complex and meaningful. You may be asking, “Complex?” …Yes. Complex. Self-image and being confident is absolutely complicated. People are trying to figure out who they are, what they want to be like in the future, what they want to do, (etc.) while the media is telling them who they are ‘supposed to be.’ This contradiction causes endless confusion, especially for us teens, who are young and less experienced and aren’t even fully aware of what’s out there for us to explore. We aren’t sure of what we want, and though we may be afraid to admit it-we’re often times scared of growing up and taking on the world.

If I could say one thing it would be, “Be confident in your weirdness.” I don’t care how ‘weird’ you are if you are being yourself and exhibit individuality- you have my utmost respect. In fact, the people I find the most intriguing are the ones who dare to try new things and aren’t afraid to show their personality regardless of what others think.
However, there is a border between confidence and cockiness. Try to stay humble. Don’t boast on and on about your accomplishments, but feel free to let your friends and family know every now and then of the things you are proud of. When people fawn over you, don’t soak it up and let it get to your head….but never let your failures get to your heart. There is a balance, so be aware of where you lie on the spectrum.
I know being confident is easier said than done, but it’s possible to find the perfect balance. Work hard, stay humble. And remember… You aren’t weird. You’re limited edition.